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Fried. The Burnout Podcast

Nov 22, 2020

This week on FRIED, we’re covering a topic that I’ve been waiting to cover for a few months now! I was so lucky that a mutual friend introduced me to Sarah Paris, founder of Incann CBD products.

Sarah Paris is a Mom entrepreneur. Like many, working hard, stressed out, and on a quest to feel better, she discovered...

Nov 15, 2020

Hi Fried Fans!


It’s Cait, comin’ atcha with another #straightfromcait episode! We are close to winding up Season 2 of FRIED The Burnout Podcast. You’ve got this week’s sfc and then next week, I have the owner of incann CBD products on to talk to us about CBD and burnout (I loved it so much that I became an...

Nov 8, 2020

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Simone Craig, Wealth Expert on a mission to close the wealth gap one woman at a time. Known as the “Angel CFO”, Simone advises women business owners in making wise financial decisions for maximized business profitability, increased personal wealth and joyful living. 



Nov 2, 2020


Yep, that's right. The season that all your boundaries get pushed and 2020 has already pushed them enough, so they might be feeling like electric fences this year! ;)

I wrote you a song all to tell you that we start transforming you into a Boundary Building Badass in just 12 short days.

Sign ups...

Nov 1, 2020

Hey Fried Fans,


This week’s #straightfromcait episode is the answer to a fan question (I love those, so if you have one that YOU want answered, shoot me an email at with the subject: FAN QUESTION and I’ll get to it, it usually takes me about a month to get the episode out and it’s so much...